Smart FDS Features

Features exclusive for Dairy Delivery
  • Weekly ordering cycle with a cut-off time
  • Customers can create their own recurring list of items with the ability to skip items and or replace items.
  • In addition to subscriptions, customers can shop for addons at any time.
  • Calendar widget on the website with the ability to order or edit existing orders for specific delivery dates.
  • Automatically generate weekly orders and send out notifications.
  • Ability to track Bottle deposits and bottle returns.
  • Ability to charge or the bottles and credit when returned.
  • Restrict accepting orders by Zip Code or by radius on the map.
  • Automatically assign new customers to routes based on their delivery address.
  • Ability to sell products in bulk quantities such as weight, gallons, and as packs.
  • Set certain products to be available for certain dates only.
  • Holiday settings to prevent orders on some days.
  • Track customer’s delivery instructions such as the cooler location.
  • Visualize your customers on maps.
  • Assign orders to routes by drawing shapes on maps.
  • Sort stops based on the fastest or shortest route.
  • Generate truckload sheets.
  • Print packing labels.
  • Estimate the driving time to each stop.
  • Calculate delivery fees based on order total or distance.
  • Driver app for getting directions, track bottle returns and send notifications.
All Features
  • Shopping cart with different purchasing frequency such as One Time, Weekly, Every Other Week, and Monthly.
  • Add new items, update the quantity, remove an item, and skip items from the recurring list at any time.
  • Define product quantities on the cart page and display quantities in a custom series.
  • SEO optimized categories and products page
  • Fast product search and quickly add products to the cart.
  • Filter products by vendor or category and easily paginate through the products.
  • Sort products in Alphabetical order or by Featured, by Newness, by Popularity, and by Price
  • Add detailed product info such as product photos, nutritional facts etc.
  • Approve, edit, or cancel weekly recurring order.
  • Label icons on products and cart to represent, bottled products, or product sold in bulk quantity.
  • Integration with Google Maps Autocomplete for delivery addresses verification.
  • Tag products as Featured and as New release
  • Integration with, Stripe, and Paypal for receiving payments from customers.
  • Set vacation dates and automatically skip orders during that period.
  • Offer Free delivery based on order total.
  • Customers can view their order history and download invoices.
  • Ability to set the sale prices for products.
  • Can set minimum and maximum order qty for any product.
Customer Management
  • Bulk import customers from the back-end.
  • View and manage the recurring orders of the customers from the back-end.
  • Create customer lists based on criteria such as recurring order total, the number of deliveries. customers who did not order the last 90 days, etc.
  • Store customer specific notes and reminders.
  • Bulk change customers default delivery day.
  • Manage customer’s newsletter subscription.
  • Manage customer’s credit card on file.
  • Correct the auto-generated longitude and latitude of the customer’s location if required.
  • View customer’s balance and In-Store credit.
  • View customer’s purchase history.
  • Filter the first order from a new customer if you would like to print a Welcome letter or add FREE items to their box.
Mass Communication
  • Send bulk emails to your customer list prepared using various parameters.
  • Send emails immediately or schedule them for a future date
  • Send out weekly order cut-off reminders automatically.
  • Send out email announcements such as changes in your delivery schedule, new product launch, when a product is not available when you want to do a survey, etc. with a click of a button.
  • Email template builder with drag and drop features that can build responsive HTML emails
  • Make use of beauty looking email templates for all your announcement.
  • Integration with Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) to help drive higher deliverability.
Product Management
  • Bulk import products to the system
  • Product image management
  • Generate purchase history report for individual products and view who have subscribed it or purchased it.
  • Auto-generate part code
Order Management and POS
  • Full-fledged sale order system with the ability to add, edit, or remove products from the order until delivery.
  • Customers can edit the orders from the website and the business can edit the order from the back-end.
  • Customer order approval process so that every automatically generated recurring order is approved by customers before sending it for dispatch.
  • Multiple order statuses such as undelivered, delivered, canceled, approved, etc to match the order fulfillment workflow.
  • Save internal order comments or view the comments posted by the customer during the time of order
  • Point of Sale (POS) for farm stores and for taking phone orders
  • Quick keys for the POS to quickly add frequently purchased products to the order
  • Generate invoice automatically after delivery.
  • Return delivered products partially or in full. Replace delivered products with a new product
  • Accept returns and save the amount equivalent to the customer’s store credit account.
  • Supported payment methods – Credit Card, Check, Store Credit, and Cash.
  • Built-in House Accounts feature for customer intended to pay later but still tracked using Account Receivables (AR) balance
  • Print invoices or email PDF invoices to customers.
  • Void invoice and make edits to Sale orders if required
  • Change the order delivery date
Route Planner
  • Bult-in route planner and optimization tool
  • Automatically assign new customers to routes based on their delivery address.
  • Easily move customers to a different delivery or to different truck
  • Assign orders to routes by drawing shapes on map.
  • Sort stops based on fastest route, shortest route and or custom sequence
  • Load sharing capabilities with multiple vehicles and multiple drivers
  • Adjust routes at any time and also add breaks during route
  • Dispatch planned routes to print delivery manifests
  • Get accurate ETA’s with the Timeline view
  • Quick search, sort and filter based on customer or order
  • Top sellers
  • Non Sellers
  • Most profit
  • Sales by Category
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Product Purchase history