Smart FDS is a platform-independent software. It can work on any device such as PC, Mac, iPad or mobile.

Smart FDS supports all printers that are capable of printing on 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.

Smart FDS provides phone support during regular US business hours. SmartFDS chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Smart FDS is hosted in a secure environment that is equipped with several security tools to prevent any type of data breach. Smart FDS’s entire network infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to prevent any intrusions or attacks.

We take automated backups of the database every hour. We also do a nightly offsite backup for disaster recovery.

There is NO transaction-based pricing. Smart FDS charges only a fixed monthly price depending on the plan you have subscribed to.

We have given an export option for data such as customers and products. For any other data, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Setting up a new account for Smart FDS will normally take 48 hours. If you wish to set up custom themes, importing any old data on to the software might take longer than usual.

Dairy Delivery, Produce Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Poultry Delivery, Meat Delivery, Seafood Delivery, Meal Delivery, Subscription Boxes, Flower/gift basket delivery, home services, repair services etc.

No. Smart FDS doesn’t currently charge any setup fees.

Yes. The orders and deliveries can be restricted to a specific region based on Zipcode, Longitude/Latitude, and County/City. Deliveries can also be restricted based on a distance in radius from a specific location.

Recurring order management is one of the primary capabilities of Smart FDS. Orders are automatically generated based on the frequency the customers have set.

Yes. Smart FDS has a flexible recurring system. Customers are allowed to adjust the quantity of a recurring item or even skip a recurring item just for the upcoming delivery.

Yes. Customers can skip deliveries for a chosen period. During this period, the automatic recurring orders will not be generated.

Yes. The waiting list can be enabled for new entrants if you want to control who can join your delivery program. Once you find a slot in any of your routes, you can approve the new customer, and then they can start ordering.

Yes. You can charge bottle rates for the products that are marked as a bottle container. You can also track the bottle returns and give automatic credits to customers on upcoming orders.

Yes. You can charge a flat OR rate-based delivery fee for your orders.

Yes. You can set up cut-off days and times. For example, If you are doing a weekly delivery, you can enable a cut-off time as 7am Monday for placing orders for the upcoming week.

Yes. In Smart FDS, the products can be priced based on quantity or based on the measurement (pounds/lbs, kilograms/kgs, etc.). For measurement-based pricing, on the shopping cart, the price is calculated for the measurement the customer enters.

In Smart FDS, you can set up an unlimited number of employee logins and set privileges for them on which module they should have access to.

Smart FDS can accurately keep track of the balance of money which the customers owe for the deliveries they have received. Account Receivable statements can be used to keep track of the amounts owed and to follow-up.

If you already have a website, all that you have to do is link to Smart FDS from that site.