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Using Smart FDS, farms can sell products online, easily manage recurring orders, forecast inventory and optimize their routes.

Smart FDS Suite of Software
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  • Cow Belle Owner Smart FDS has got everything I need. Thanks to Smart FDS, we've just added another route. - Angie Rondolet, Cow Belle
Make Your Delivery Business Life Easier
Originally Designed for Home Delivery

Smart FDS was built to specifically meet the business needs of a dairy business. It has an advantageous workflow for a dairy delivery business.

Smart FDS automates the entire business so that owners spend more time sourcing the best product, and delivering it fresh and flawlessly to their customers.

As Smart FDS was so effective for dairy delivery businesses, we decided to diversify and offer the cloud-based software to other delivery businesses.

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Online Ordering Software
Shopping cart, online payment and order management
After integrating Smart FDS into your website, your customers can place a one-time order or subscribe to recurring orders such as weekly, every other week, etc. It has a built-in shopping cart and a secure payment gateway. After placing the orders, your customers can manage and view their order history.
Point-of-Sale for the pro
Smart FDS Point-of-Sale can help with accepting phone orders. You can also edit the orders that you received through the website in the same system. If you have a store, the Point-of-Sale can replace your cash register.
Route Planner
Generate a delivery manifest and the route map
This is the basic tool of the trade. The delivery manifest provides a condensed view of the deliveries in your routes. It contains information such customer’s name, address, exact GPS location, products to deliver, quantity and delivery notes on one screen. You can generate a route map (fastest round trip OR A-Z trip) using the built-in maps.
Scale new heights in a short span of time with Smart FDS
Smart FDS is a cloud-based software for home delivery businesses
Back-end and Customer Dashboard
Dairy Farm
Grow Your Home Delivery Business with Farm Delivery Software’s Powerful Sales Software

As an independent farmer, you are constantly faced with pressure to grow your business while maintaining high-quality standards for your products. There never seems to be enough time or enough resources to get everything done. But you know that given the right tools, a difficult job can be made much easier. Farm Delivery Software has the tools you need to efficiently manage your sales and deliveries, giving you more time and more resources.

Demand for home dairy delivery service is accelerating

The farm-to-table social movement has been gaining life in US, due to people’s environmental and food-safety concerns, as well as a desire to form a more human relationship with their food. Owing to increased environmental awareness and technology advancement, many milk-delivery business owners were reporting steady revenue increase.